Mexico Design magazine

Artwork for Mexico Design magazine.

Several object drawings on the cover of Mexico Design magazine.

I was invited by Mexico Design magazine to create work for the front cover of issue 37, which focused on new designs in eco-friendly transport.

I coincided their requirements with my “Draw an object a day for 365 days project“, drawing a 1960’s children’s scooter, a leaf from a London plain tree and a skateboard. Each drawing was cut-out, fixed to cardboard and laid over sheets of coloured paper.

The next issue will contain a 6 page feature, focusing on my ‘Draw an object a day project’.

The credits page in Mexico Design magazine

Credits page in Mexico Design magazine.

English translation:

The artwork consists of drawings cut-out and placed on a wall, as an installation, by an English Artist, expressing visual depth and content inspired by our magazine special, dedicated to mobility in Mexico and the world.
Focusing on objects that are perhaps less precious as well as being clean vehicles.

Original Spanish text

La pieza, la producida con, dibujos recortados y colocados en un muro como sucede en las instalaclones de este artista ingles, expresa la profundidad, visual y el movimiento inspirados en nuestro contenido especial dedicado a la movilidad en mexico y el mundo. Objectos quiza menos preciados que son punto clave de nuevas propuestas que son punto clave de nuevos propuestas de vehiculos no contaminantes.